This 2024 brings the best of both worlds AI and human creative intelligence

Created Date : 2024-03-11

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Indeed, the world has upgraded to a new level. Some professional career domains were presumed to be creativity-oriented. For centuries these have been presumed to be ruled by humans only. Since they require human intelligence and Emotional Quotient (EQ). Some of these careers are writing, poetry drawing, artists, and similar. Yes, being a writer and an author is one of these. However, now technology has its major role to play even there too!


Creating fast-paced timeline articles and blogs

The times have gone when you need to spend a dedicated number of hours say around six months or a year just to get your book written, re-written, and to get it edited, and proofread. Now, this task can easily be performed by the AI writing tools. Yes, it is very much possible to get your book written in a few minutes with the help of these AI tools.

This would mean you need not necessarily be a writer, or may not necessarily have that level of proficiency in the English language. This even means you need not go for extensive experience in developing expressive writing skills. That is a requirement to write a book under your name. Yes, this 21st century has made everything including writing a book, so easy. It is as simple as tapping the screen.


Know the flip side of this

However, you cannot deny the impact of human touch on these AI-written articles and posts. One of the things that they miss is creativity and the way of expressing. How a proficient writer plays with the words is beyond imagination. And that’s what adds to the flavor of their writing. Writing is like a deep ocean in itself, you have no boundaries to it. Your way and your expression of writing can be immense. One thing can be created in a thousand different manners and you can be in awe with each beautiful description and wordplay.


Get your facts right

So, for those who have been living the AI-driven way of delivering in the professional world, for them it’s a threat to their career. However, this is not a fact. Be a wise learner who can adapt well to technological-driven approaches. Use AI for your purposes, like performing the right research for your topics. You can narrow down your research about the topics by making use of AI.

It can be of threat to those professionals who are just doing average copying and pasting work. Those who were just taking the content from Google and doing the re-writing, yes, this AI can be a threat to those people. Those who are not able to create grammatically correct sentences. The AI will be a demon for such.


Know your potential

Get the life out and release the fear, if you are the one, who loves to play with words. And are the ones, whose write-ups are admired and loved by the masses. Then there is no looking back and rest assured that your job is secure.


Final words

This AI is gonna make you better, try using the best of these new technologically advanced approaches. Bring them to your benefit and harness new adaptive ways. And skills that can elevate your skills. Your career will skyrocket based on the adaptability and flexibility that you carry. In a way, it’s a personality trait. The more you are creative with technology better your output. And build with the right approach towards writing in sync with the AI.