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There is a whole lot of creativity around us. We have to understand the power of this creativity. Through this creativity and wild imaginary thoughts, we can create so many things. Logos, lucid taglines, color themes, presentation layouts, and more symbols as well. They create brand differentiation. A logo is a unique identity created only for you. That one image will become the identity of your brand. Once created must be protected, so that no one else can use it.

Digitally, the world is driven by piracy to a larger extent. It is becoming seemingly difficult to safeguard yourself with a digital presence. Hence the best way to protect yourself, your logo, and other exclusive assets is by registering it through trademarks. Once you are sealed under intellectual property rights you are protected from global threats for the rest of your life. This ensures you are safe and can work on your promotions and further brand building.

What you create is your property intellectually, understand this and safeguard them with us!

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Trademark law

Being exclusive is your superpower. A business needs to understand what makes them exclusive. Things like logos, taglines, major symbols, unique concepts, and such similar things that you create for your organization, can be marked as exclusive. To maintain your exclusivity, you must work towards protecting it. We at ADS247365 help you in getting these assets registered. They are your created entities that will be associated with your business for the rest of your life. Our team understands the process. We will provide you with the necessary information, guidance, and process clarity. This will strengthen your brand identity.


When you have the original concept, work, and content that is unique in itself. That must be protected by the copyright legal rights. Having copyright issues means that the original owner has the sole intellectual property rights. With this, the owner will have the authority to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the work created by him. However, there are certain forms which are not covered under the legal copyright claims. For complete understanding and clarity about these aspects, it's vital to have a one-to-one conversation with our team of experts. They will be happy to clarify any/all of your doubts about getting the copyright. Under which conditions, will this be suitable for what assets to get copyrighted, and several such queries will be answered.

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Having a patent in your name means that you are the inventor of the entity, which could be a product, a formula, a study, research, a finding, or even more. You have the entire right to sell that thing, or you wish to keep it with you. You can market and populate it thoroughly. Anything can be given a patent life of 20 years. The patents are authorized and given by government bodies. Having the patent would discourage your competitors. Ensuring that they don’t create something similar to yours. This does affect the market share. There are several other benefits that the owner of a patent can relish. We at ADS247365 will be there to assist you with the proper patent knowledge, understanding, and clarity about this. Assuring you the correct and deeper understanding in regards to the business.  

Trade Secrets

Secret means having confidentiality. While being in business there are times when the information cannot be shared with anyone. While talking of what can be accepted under trade secrets of the Intellectual Property; one the secret must have commercial value. Only, a few people will have access to it. It must be kept as a secret. The provisions to keep this a secret as an agreement or document must be created and kept as well. The Trade secret can be sold even. Can also be licensed. There are several other requirements and details to be known by the clients before actually proceeding with declaring the trade secret as the secret. A complete Trade Secret Law is in place which talks about every aspect in detail. Our experts at ADS247365 are here to provide you with proper understanding, assistance, and know-how regarding the same.

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Industrial Designs

Industrial design is defined as the combination of art, science, and technology. From there, we can create physical products. They can be for exclusive production or mass production. Those who design these are called ID Designers. They majorly focus on the product’s appearance, functionality, and manufacturability. Under the Intellectual Property rights these created designs, their look, feel, and appearance are protected. The design's shape, color patterns, symbols, three-dimensional angles, and more are registered under this. What all is included and how can this be done, you can get in touch with our team ADS247365, to have the clarity and how to get these Industrial Designs registered.  

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