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Despite AI, you cannot undermine the power of having human manpower. Yes, AI will make the processes simpler but it cannot eliminate the need for human resources. It’s a universal fact that the most complex task is to manage the manpower in an organization. This begins with hiring the right candidate for the right task. We get your issues of manpower sorted by providing the right human resources in your firm.

What makes us different:

  • Both candidates and clients are satisfied.
  • Delivering the right candidate within TAT.
  • We understand the corporate needs.
  • We work as a two-way communicator (Client-Customer)
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Global Staffing

We have been able to cater to the global clientele while assisting them with their manpower needs. Since we have a global presence, we understand how various countries work. The culture, professionalism, and other unsaid requirements of a professional, our team understands that language well. Over these many years, we have curated a quality database of international professionals across various industries. It gives an edge to our team while providing genuine candidates for the global market.

Our team has a localized database, based on local locations in several countries. We at ADS247365 are there to provide you with our team of experts who are good at local talent acquisition. The aim will be to find a suitable candidate for your organization from the pool of localized databases. Our team has the knack for finding the right person for your organization. As for us, it's the quality that matters more rather than quantity. We have been following the GLOBAL pattern in hiring for our clients.

Domestic Staffing

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Permanent Hiring

We understand that the requirements differ when you are looking for a permanent employee for your organization. Therefore, our team at ADS247365 is there to assimilate your requirements. Our team by all their sources would work towards providing you with those handful of candidates who fit your requirements. Further, we will emphasize searching for such professionals who sync well with your organizational culture too. These efforts are made without you saying anything about it.

The community and the pool from where you source for contractual hiring are entirely different. It is that segment of professionals who are mainly freelancers or are part-time professionals. The requirements, terms of working, and their conversation differ. There has been a rising demand for such people over the past few years. As a hiring team for several years, we at ADS247365 know how to set the cord right for both, clients and professionals. This is where our team of experts plays a major role.

Contractual Hiring

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Leadership Hiring

One needs to follow a completely different process of sourcing for senior management leadership hiring. When we talk about the CXO and such parallel leadership positions, they have to be someone, to whom the staff looks up to! The senior individual will be responsible for the culture and environment that plays a major role in the firm. Hence, our recruitment team understands the vitality of this position. Accordingly, we put in our efforts while selecting the leadership profiles. You can be rest assured of the right hiring for the leadership team. Our team at ADS247365 is capable of delivering end-to-end hiring solutions with par excellence.

The world lives on hope. We think this is a hopeful gesture when we hire a professional with a C2H option. Later by the end of the contract that individual becomes an employee of that organization. This C2H option is convenient for both, the organization and the professional. To think whether is it worthwhile to go for permanent employment or not. With the changing times the context of working in an MNC has eased out in several ways. We at ADS247365 feel that C2H is one such example of progressive hiring. And we are happy to deliver as per industry needs.  


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