Refund Policy

Our refund guidelines related to plans

30 Days Period

According to our refund policy, if ADS247365's team fails to resolve one of the issues you have reported, you are eligible for a refund. With ADS247365, you can be confident in receiving a full refund. In other situations, if ADS247365 manages to successfully resolve one of your numerous issues within 30 days, ADS247365 is not liable to make a refund. For the period which is subscribed for service and during that period, one of several problems are solved. Hence, the refund will not be made.

Middle of Month

If you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the month, our team will promptly send you a final invoice via email. This invoice will give you detailed information about the amount you have used. And the potential refund amount (if applicable) that will be refunded to you.

7 Days

While someone has opted for a 7-day plan, the customer will be entitled to the refund only, in the cases:

  • If the plan does not specify the included services. Team ADS247365 has not resolved a single (one) problem during the initial 7 days, after activation of the plan.

  • You have requested to temporarily pause the services you activated just from authorized personnel. 24 hours ago. This request has been received through an email or a call

  • If you want to learn more about the "services on hold", please check the dedicated section in terms of service on the ADS247365 website. out

Please note that we will keep on providing the “limited-period offer” on a time-to-time basis. This will help in benefitting the customers. Please note that the terms and conditions for purchasing under these offers will be clearly outlined in the limited-period offer plans invoice and corresponding emails. We humbly request all ADS247365 users and consumers to carefully review the terms and conditions before you choose our limited-period offers. For better clarity, we would like to suggest you please call our customer support team at

Amount of Refund

You are entitled to receive a refund for the exact amount that was either paid by agreement or the amount that ADS247365 is obligated to reimburse after receiving payment for the services provided to you. Under no circumstances will ADS247365 pay an amount above what the customer has already paid. ADS247365 is not obligated to pay any additional amount, regardless of the situation.